We are the scanlation group known as IMMORTAL UPDATES SCAN.

It was started in 12th Jan, 2020. We are the group of comic fan who likes to read and also like to translate manhua. Our main purpose of joining scanlation is to help our readers to read more manhua , manga and manhwa. There are many manhua created by the original author but their manhua are not being translated or they don’t have manpower or time for that. but we are helping them by translating their manhua and publishing to the whole world. So , everyone can recognize his work.

We are taking/working in manhua, manga and manhwa project with the help of all our staff members. and we are publishing chapters daily. We are not hired by any other organization and we are doing by our own interest without violating laws and rule.

To contact us directly ,Visit us in discord: https://disc.gg/immortalupdates