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COMMENTS EVENT: Memoir Of The God Of War

Dear readers!

Thanks to you all, we have reached a million views in this manhwa on our site! To celebrate this occasion we have arranged for a Best Comment competition on our site. Comment on why you like this manhwa in the Comments section there and the best ones will receive exciting gifts.


  1. The contest will start from 30th August, 2021 and end on 5th September, 2021.
  2. Comments can be made in Chapter 58 or in Manhwa Page within these period. 
  3. Comments should be constructive and reflect on why the reader likes this manhwa.
  4. No gif please.
  5. Winner will be announced in the next chapter which will be chap 59.
  6. You can receive the prize through our discord server with some verification.
  7. Comment Should be in English Only.

WINNER will be decided with the disqus upvote they get in their comment!



1 Month $10 Nitro


1Month $5 Nitro